JET A USA's One Cent Fuel Rebate Porgram


What's the One Cent Fuel Rebate All About?


JET A USA's One Cent fuel rebate program is designed to provide ongoing financial support to your association.  When a member in good standing of your agricultural aviation association purchases jet a fuel from JET A USA, we will contribute one cent per gallon to your association.

The program has the potential to contribute thousands of dollars to your association year after year.

Through 2019, The "One Cent Rebate Program" has rebated over $340,000 to local associations

 As a family owned business we are proud of this achievement and will continue to support the agricultural aviation community.  This program is currently in effect in thirteen states through 2017. 

Real Customer Testimonials



"California's ever changing political environment continues to present challenges for our agricultural aviation industry.  When an allied industry member steps up to financially support our mission, we meed to take notice!  JET A USA's One Cent Fuel Rebate Program will help fund the ongoing battle we face every day.  Thank you JET A USA!"

- Doug Thiel, Current President of the CAAA


"My business has been using JET A USA for two seasons.  We have been very satisfied with the actual price compared to other vendors.  We have never had a delay that pus us in a bind.  An added benefit is the penny per gallon rebate to the State Association.  We truly appreciate this from JET A USA and look forward to working them for years to come."

- Garrett Lindell, President of IAAA


"The TAAA Board of Directors is proud to partner with JET A USA in the One Cent Fuel Rebate program that benefits all members and our association.  The service and competitive pricing make JET A USA the best option for my business." 

- Bart Royce, President of TAAA